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Gender Dimensions in the National Action Plan to Combat Desertification (Argentina)

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In fulfilment of the recommendations of the Convention to Combat Desertification (CCD), the Argentinian Office for Soil Conservation developed an initiative aimed at integrating a gender dimension into all phases and levels of the National Action Plan to Combat Desertification (PAN). This case study outlines the strategy which was adopted and the activities undertaken to achieve this objective. Through information dissemination and participatory seminars the process resulted in the formulation of a National Action Programme from a gender perspective, produced in consultation with provincial focal points, national government, and NGOs. Results of a national workshop highlighted the need to undertake similar initiatives in greater detail for each of the desertified regions. Resting on the two axes of information and training, activities were aimed at both national and provincial government, and community organisations working to combat desertification. Seminar participants would function as 'multipliers' in their own provinces and organisations.

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