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Gender Assessment for USAID/Morocco

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The new Country Strategy Plan (CSP) 2004-8 for USAID/Morocco has one strategic objective - to increase economic opportunities. This gender assessment provides an overview of the key gender issues in the CSP target sectors and sub-sectors. Given that Morocco is embarking on expansion of its trade through the Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with the United States, trade-led economic growth features heavily. In particular it prioritises increasing productivity in agriculture and related agribusiness, expanding new business opportunities outside of agriculture and improving the business environment. The two other focus areas are workforce development and education, and democracy and governance. In all these focus areas the assessment reviews opportunities and constraints from a gender perspective and in turn the appropriate types of interventions. It recommends that successful integration of the different concerns of women and men into the policy reform process requires concerted efforts to implement bottom-up programmes as well as advocating for policy change at the centre.