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Forests and Climate Change in Latin America. Linking Adaptation and Mitigation in Projects and Policies

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Forests play an important role in both adaptation and mitigation, as they provide local ecosystem services relevant for adaptation as well as the global ecosystem service of carbon sequestration, relevant for mitigation. Consequently, just as there are synergies and trade-offs between global and local ecosystem services, there are synergies and trade-offs between mitigation and adaptation: mitigation projects can facilitate or hinder local people"s efforts to adapt to climate change, and adaptation projects can affect ecosystems and their potential to sequester carbon. In Latin America, some mitigation projects have demonstrated positive impacts on social adaptation, and some adaptation projects have resulted in an increase of carbon stocks; however, no project has exploited these synergies fully. Furthermore, few climate change or forest policies in Latin America have addressed the linkages between adaptation and mitigation in the forestry sector