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Exploring the Potential Business Case for Synergies Between Natural Gas and Renewable Energy

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Jaquelin Cochran, Owen Zinaman, Jeffrey Logan, Doug Arent
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This report attempts to address the question, “Given near- and long-term needs for abundant, cleaner energy sources and decarbonization, how can more compelling business models be created so that these two domestic forms of energy work in greater concert?” The business models that capitalize on both renewable energy and natural gas can access new revenue streams, including wholesale market opportunities for the distribution edge (e.g., demand response aggregation), upstream and downstream arbitrage opportunities from shared infrastructure, and energy services that offer the customer resiliency, reliability, and reduced costs. The report explores revenue opportunities that emerge from systems-level perspectives in “bulk energy” (large-scale electricity and natural gas production, transmission, and trade) and four “distribution edge” subsectors: industrial, residential, commercial, and transportation end uses.