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Evaluacion de los Flujos de Inversion y Flujos Financieros para la Mitigacion en el Sector Energetico y la Adaptacion en los Sectores Agua y Turismo de la Republica Dominicana

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This document aims to: a) show the results of the sectoral FI & FF assessments, carried out to quantify the adaptation/mitigation (A/M) cash flow potential according to national needs of sustainable development; b) have a reference point to define positions in the UNFCCC, by determining the flow of existing and incremental costs to implement the measures of A/M and c) identify categories of sources of financing in both cases. These assessments contribute to the knowledge of Dominican society on relevant issues, such as, what are the options for adaptation / mitigation in the long term - 25 years - who are the investors in the sector and what are the variations in flows and the additional requirements of investment and financial flows.