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Economic impact of natural disasters on development in the Pacific

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E. McKenzie
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This report responds to a lack in practical materials for measuring the impacts of natural disasters. It comprises two key resources:a research report which demonstrates how past natural hazards in Fiji, Niue, Tuvalu and Vanuatu have resulted in significant short-term and long-term direct, indirect and intangible impacts.The case studies suggest that natural hazards have a considerable economic impact on development in the Pacific and often lead to deterioration in the quality of life of Pacific Island communities. The research also indicates that greater emphasis on hazard and risk management can reduce the negative impacts of disasters, and thereby reduce the costs of disaster response and recoverya practical guide for estimating the direct, indirect and macroeconomic impacts of natural disasters, both in the short and long term, on development in the Pacific. It includes a framework to assist decision-making on the efficient and effective allocation of resources for Disaster Risk Management (DRM); and a set of guidelines for estimating the economic impact of natural disasters on development in the Pacific.