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Climate-smart agriculture in Kenya

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Climate-smart agriculture (CSA) requires a major shift in the way land, water, soil nutrients, and genetic resources are managed to ensure that these resources are used more efficiently. Making this shift requires considerable changes in technical approaches and financial mechanisms conclude the authors.

Internationally, Kenya has been actively engaged in conversations on mainstreaming climate change into agricultural policies, plans, and actions.

Kenya has submitted two national communications to the UNFCCC and has on- going integrated policies and strategies and operational plans for climate change.

Regionally, Kenya is implementing the Comprehensive Africa Agriculture Development Programme (CAADP) Framework (2010) and the East African Community Climate Change Policy (EACCCP).

Both of these frameworks emphasize sustainable land and water management for improved agricultural productivity through research, technology adoption and dissemination, and agricultural GHG emissions reduction and, if harmonized, have the potential to deliver important on-the-ground results regarding CSA.