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Catalysing Green Technologies for Sustainable Water Service Delivery Kenya- Report on Feasibility study framework

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UNEP DTU Partnership
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The pre-feasibility study considers identifying the contextual features that allow use or limit the viability  of  selected  technologies  in  areas  (counties)  with  less  developed  infrastructure  within the  wider  view  of  sustainable  water  supply.  This  includes people's attitudes  and  preferences, institutional  and  financial  opportunities  and  barriers,  as  well  as  relevance  of  technologies  in enhancing sustainable water supply. In addition, the study captures management issues such as operation and maintenance needs and infrastructure resilience against frequent climate impacts such as droughts, flooding, high infiltration and evapo-transpiration rates leading to high water losses from rain water harvesting systems. The  objective  of  the  pre-feasibility  study  is  thus  to  assess the technical,  economic  and  social feasibility of three water technologies for the targeted areas, through an in-depth primary and secondary data collection and analysis.