Connecting countries to climate technology solutions
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Bringing developing countries into the energy equation

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M. Colombier
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This compilation of articles on energy and climate change is a selection of contributions from the first edition of Regards sur la Terre, an annual reference in French on the international dimensions of sustainable development. The articles include analysis of the most important international meetings and events of the last year in the field of sustainable development, along with a thematic report, which focuses on energy and climate change.The argument of the overall collection is that a ‘future regime’ for mitigating climate change must explicitly allow for progress in reforming the world energy model, and provide an action framework suited to the situations of developing countries. Articles in the collection include:energy in the world: challenges and prospectschallenges and constraints for energy supply: the coal hard factssatisfying energy growth in emerging countriesdiversifying power generation in Chinafrom Rio to Marrakech: development in climatean international coordination regime come what maythe perspective of developing countriesan American point of view.