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Amazonia Renewable Energy Company

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The Brazilian NGO IDEAAS seeks to spread renewable energy solutions and encourage social entrepreneurship. A previous REEEP project funded the creation of its Learning Center for Renewable Energy and Decentralized Generation located in a rural area of southern Brazil. This complex has given government and utilities hands-on proof that off-grid and decentralized energy are a viable and potentially profitable option for remote areas of the country. In parallel in the Amazonia region to the north the Grupo Orsa runs the Jari Project a 1.5 million hectare area that showcases how competitive and high-grade wood pulp and paper can be produced using sustainable processes under certified sustainable forest management. A partnership between the two institutions can showcase how the IDEAAS business model can bring sustainable energy to communities in large privately-owned tracts of Amazonia where the government and the local utilities are not obligated to provide energy services.


To set up a sustainable profitable renewable energy company based on the IDEAAS business model in the Jari area of Amazonia