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Waste separation with the help of vacuum technology

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In the district of Hagalund in Solna, trucks with a mobile vacuum technology, collect waste and newspapers. The system is not only easy for the residents, it also improves the waste collector's work environment and reduces the operating costs.

Solnabostäder installed a mobile vacuum system in 2001 in the district of Hagalund, with its 889 apartments. The project was part of a larger investment in renovating the area from the 1960'ies. The project was supported by the Local Investment Programme (LIP). The project is a good example of the fact that by applying technical solutions, it is possible to reduce the costs for waste collection and at the same time introduce source separation. The goal was to halve the total amount of unseparated household waste from 400 t to 200 t. Positive impacts on the environment and the economy - Year 2007, 46 t garbage and 79 t newspapers were separated - the garbage becomes a resource, which can be composted or digested to biogas. - Less waste incineration results in lower air emissions. - Operation costs can be halved, compared to conventional waste collection. - The work environment for waste collectors has been improved. - The residents are nolonger annoyed by littering around the waste bins and heavy transports in the court yards.

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Envac AB
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Stockholm Cleantech, Hagalundsgatan, 16963 Solna

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