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Synthesis of Palladium (Pd) Nanoparticles for use in Supported Catalysts

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Background: Conventional or heterogeneous catalyst synthesis techniques rely on methods of impregnation or the use of capped nanoparticles. Though the impregnation route can be seen as simple means for a catalyst it is often time consuming and the solvents must be applied multiple times and require time to dry. The capped nanoparticle route though giving better control over size and dispersion of nanoparticles requires heating which can lead to a common problem seen in the current methods migration and growth of nanoparticles. Technology Description: This technology is a novel method for the synthesis of Pd nanoparticles for use in catalysts. The method allows for simple and direct production of such nanoparticles and does not allow for residual organic materials which interfere with catalytic activity. Applications: Application for cheaper fuel cell catalysts

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