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SUPERHIDIC - Innovative Energy Saving Distillation System

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Conventional distillation columns operate by heating with the reboiler at the bottom, and cooling by condenser at the top. SUPERHIDIC technology operates two columns: stripping section (low pressure column) and rectifying section (high pressure column), which realizes interated heat transfer from HP column to LP column).

Key features are as follows:

Side-exchanges accomplished by stabbed-in heat exchangers

  • Side-exchangers can be provided at composition where enthalpy change should be provided.
  • Heat transfer area can be adjusted so as to meet desirable heat duty.
  • Pairing of stages between rectifying section and stripping section can be determined in consideration of desirable heat duty and temperature difference.
  • Overall heat transfer coefficient can be predicted in high confidence level.

Rectifying section located below stripping section

  • Side-exchanges can be accomplished by means of thermo-siphon/gravity.
  • Normal trays or packing is utilized.
  • Side-cut to obtain intermediate product or multiple-feed can be carried out.
  • Feed stage can be optimized.

Consequently, following advantages are achieved

  • Highest energy saving performance in distillation system developed so far.
  • Good maintainability as normal facility.


Excellent energy saving with good economics is expected by introducing SUPERHIDIC for the following conditions at existing column modification or new installation.

  • Temperature difference between the overhead and the bottom lower than 80℃
  • Expensive utilities
  • Large scale reboiler and/or condenser duty
Organisation providing the technology:
Toyo Engineering Corporation

For well-suited applications (ex. propylene refining column, xylene column, aromatics, etc.), SUPERHIDIC technology realizes 50%+ energy saving from conventional columns


All components are commercially proven and maintenance can be made by conventional means.

Succes factors and requirements:

The technology is especially suitable to the following cases- Temperature difference between the overhead and the bottom is lower than 80℃- Cost of utility is expensive- High reboiler / condenser load

Investments required:

Typical payback period of 3 to 4 years can be expected for appropriate applications at high utility cost.


Typical EPC period: 2 to 3 years

Countries where implemented:
Case story of implementation:

MEK Column for Maruzen Petrochemical Co., Ltd. (Japan)


Ministry of Economy,Trade and Industry, JapanEmail:

Technology owners:

Superhidic is co-licensed by National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, and Toyo Engineering Corporation.