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New Type of Material for the Recovery of Hydrogen from Gas Mixtures

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Hydrogen-based fuel cells have emerged as an attractive alternative technology for fossil fuel as a primary source of energy. The production purification transport storage and conversion of hydrogen as an everyday consumer commodity still require necessary infrastructure and technological advancement. Separation technology is critical to the deployment of hydrogen as a source of energy since the purity of hydrogen supplied to fuel cells affects their performance and longevity and therefore their economic viability. The present invention describes the method of using a crystallographic framework of sterically bulky calixarene molecules to selectively separate store or purify volatile gas components. This method can be used to purify a hydrogen gas stream by removing the carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide contaminants. To remove and store oxygen from the air to remove carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide from combustion gases. Applications: 1) Useful in separation technology 2) Useful as a component of compact gas storage device. State of Development: Assembly of Calixarene molecule is complete. Further R&D Required: 1) Formation of more than one guest-host assembly simultaneously. 2) Generation of purest form of hydrogen by removing all the components of gas besides CO2 and CO. Licensing Potential: University seeks licensee with the potential to commercialize Patent Status: US patent applications 11/108413 10286179 and European patent application 03768560.9


Selectively separates stores or purifies volatile gas components.

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US11108413 US10286179 and European patent application 03768560.9