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Multi-Metal-Nitrogen Compounds for use in Hydrogen Storage

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Background: The technology provides a multi-metal-nitrogen compound for use in hydrogen storage materials. The compound comprises two dissimilar metal atoms and a nitrogen atom and is capable of absorbing hydrogen at an absorption temperature and pressure and of desorbing 60% or more by weight of said absorbed hydrogen at a desorption temperature and pressure. Technology Description: Hydrogen is chemi-absorbed by metal or metal alloys with the corresponding formation of metal hydrides at relatively low temperatures and pressures. High percentage of reverse absorption of the multi-metal nitrogen hydride presents a high potential of harvesting hydrogen from such storage material. Applications: Hydrogen storage


1) Multi-metal-nitrogen compound is capable of reverse absorbing between 80-90 wt% of absorbed hydrogen at relatively low temperatures. 2) Provides a solid state storage method ideal for portable applications 3) Compound demonstrates improved capacity for reversibly adsorbing hydrogen 4) This reverse adsorption capacity can be achieved at relatively low temperatures and pressures

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