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Methods for fabricating nanostructured solid oxide fuel cell components and the device

Abstract of US Patent 7090891 - Method for fabricating nanostructured solid oxide fuel cells and cell components: A method of fabricating a nanostructured solid oxide fuel cell includes dispersing ceria and doped ceria nanoparticles in a first colloidal solution atomizing the first colloidal solution into a spray depositing the spray onto a substrate to form a thin film electrolyte dispersing a nanocomposite powder including ceria and CuO in the first solution forming a second colloidal solution atomizing the second colloidal solution into a second spray and depositing the second spray over the thin film electrolyte as an interfacial layer. Non-confidential Abstract of Invention: Nanostructured solid oxide fuel cells in which at least one component was in the nanometer scale (from 4nm to 100nm) was fabricated. A method was developed to prepare the transparent colloidal solution of CeO2 and doped CeO2; a method was developed to directly fabricate doped CeO2 and CuO nanocomposites at a low temperature(


Controllable particle size.

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