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Lindholmen – Where science meets business

Cross-sectoral enabler:

Lindholmen Science Park is a world-leading research and development centre with a focus on mobile data communication, intelligent vehicles and transport systems and modern media.

Lindholmen is a former dockland area where business today thrives around Lindholmen Science Park. When the large shipyards disappeared and Gothenburg ceased to be an important ship building centre, vast expanses of land and industrial premises were left abandoned. Now the dockside buildings have been renovated and revitalised, and new properties continue to be built. Lindholmen Science Park was founded to promote fruitful collaboration between industry, academia and the public sector.

Organisation providing the technology:
Envac AB
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Green Gothenburg, Lindholmspiren 5, 417 56 Göteborg, 031-779 96 35

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