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Käppala - an efficient water treatment plant


Käppalaverket is one of the world's most efficient water treatment installations, with the entire northern Stockholm as a catchment area. Apart from the fact that the installation treats water for over 500 000 people, it also produces biogas, running 100 busses.

Käppalaverket is situated in Lidingö, in the north-eastern part of Stockholm. It is known for being one of the most efficient water treatment installations in the world. The installation has a sixty km long tunnel system, which leads the sewage water all the way from Märsta to Lidingö. The water flows by gravity and is pumped to higher levels at three locations along the tunnel. Käppalaverket's catchment area includes eleven municipalities and a total of 500 000 inhabitants. Käppalaverket is mainly built in a rock. Above-ground facilities are among other things, sludge treatment, air purification, workshops and offices. The water is treated inside the rock. It is pumped approximately 20 m from the incoming tunnel up to the screening room, where after it goes through steps of sand filtration step, presedimentation, biological treatment, postsedimentation, and finally filtration. Käppalaverket also produces biogas for use as district heating for homes in Lidingö. As of 2010, also 100 SL buses will be provided with the bio gas of Käppalaverket.

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Malmberg Water AB
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Stockholm Cleantech, S:a Kungsvägen 315, 181 03 Lidingö, 08-766 67 00,

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