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Invert Emulsions for Biological Control and Stabilization of Microalgae


Researchers at the University of California have developed a new type of invert emulsion formulation that ensures longer more stable shelf life for improved storage and delivery of algae and microbial bio-control agents. Examples of applications which have been successful are: -Storage of algae for up to one year without refrigeration -Lagenidium giganteum for mosquito control -Fusarium lateritium for Eutypadieback control on grapevines Products from algae are finding exciting applications in the areas of biofuels foods personal care and industrial products. Water-in-Oil Emulsions provide a system which allow algae to be stored and transported without refrigeration as well as a system which allows controlled release of algae. Biocontrol agents are organisms that prevent the spread and detrimental effects that many parasitic and invasive organisms have on agriculture and human health. Current storage and delivery technology of these control agents consist mainly of granules. This granule technology is limited in that many organisms favor storage in aqueous environments which the granules do not provide. Water-in-Oil Emulsions provide such an environment. Applications: 1) Stabilization and delivery of microalgae for bioenergy food personal care and pharmaceutical production; 2) Mosquito control; 3) Multiple agents stored in separate aqueous phases in one emulsion.


The new water-in-oil emulsions have the following advantages: 1) do not require refrigeration 2)are easily applied by the end-user and non-toxic to the environment 3) are easily enhanced by simple additions of humectants and UV protectants 4) are not toxic to the organisms 5) are stable (the phases do not separate)

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