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Evaporation of Glycerol with Recycle and Separation of Glycerol Bottoms

This invention relates generally to the use of sugar and acetol feed stocks to produce acetol propylene glycol acrolein acrylic acid monomers and 13 propanediols. C4-C12 sugars react in gas phases to produce predominantly acetol and propylene glycol at temperatures between 150 and 300 degree Celsius. Acetol reacts to form acrolein in a gas phase over solid acid catalyst at lower temperatures and higher pressures than previously thought possible. The specific conversion of this invention is as described in the title. Application: Production of C3 chemicals from glycerol and/or sugars State of Development: Laboratory experiments have been performed that generally validate the process Further R&D required: Further laboratory experiments. Pilot scale production. Licensing Potential: University seeks licensee with the potential to commercialize Patent Status: Patent application is planned.


Renewable and non-petroleum-based feed stocks produce are currently used to produce the dimer.

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Patent application is planned