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Eco-cycle solutions in Norrtälje


Thanks to a large-scale installation of composting and a hundreds of separate sewers, the municipality of Norrtälje has managed to reduce a leakage of nutrients with five tons to the Baltic Sea. These actions have raised the property owner’s interest for Eco-cycle solutions and the municipality has gained a valuable knowledge in eco-cycle adapted water and sewage sytems.

In Karlby, some kilometres outside of Norrtälje, an installation for wet composting has been completed, thanks to the support of the local investment programme (LIP). The installation is able to take care of latrine and organic waste, coming from the municipalities of Vätö, Bergshamra and Penningby. The project also consists of 5 400 separate sewers, of which a hundred with insufficient infiltration received an eco-cycle adapted solution with low flushing toilets. Additionally, 303 sewers were improved by traditional technology. Today, a big amount of nourishment is returned to the soil, which has raised the property owner’s interest for Eco-cycle solutions. Positive effects on the environment and the economy: -830 t latrine was treated with the installation. -Reduced emissions of nitrogen (around 4 t/ year) and phosphor (around 950 kg/ year) -Return of nourishment to the soil.

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