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Dugong island- Eco-friendly floating water purifier

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South Korea

About SEGI Environment: Since 1989 SEGI Environment Co,. Ltd registered 50patents include china and US patents and applied about 50additional patents. The company is advancing to contribute to mankind by conducting water purification project using floating island, pontoon project, ship mooring & movable leisure plant project, military sea base & airplane runway project, construction project for floating artificial island and pollution-free & eco-friendly artificial island that can supply energy by itself, using solar power, wind power generation and tidal energy generation.

Technology: Dugong Island

As an Eco-friendly device, this Dugong Island can purify water while playing a role as a spawning ground and habitat for fish. It can improve the quality of water, and at he same time protect the diversity of water species. The installation of a DI can improve the quality of water effectively, as well as contribute to the green growth of the country. When using the device as a DI for purifying water, vegetation shall be planted on the upper part of the DI while a water purifier with a microbial media filter shall be installed on the lower part. This will allow the vegetation purify water while the microbial media conducts second filtering to improve the efficiency of purification.

• Dugong Island can purify water while playing a role as a spawning ground and habitat for fish.

•Dugong Island can improve the quality of water effectively

•Dugong Island can improve the efficiency of purification because the microbial media conducts filtering.


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