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Korea Carbon Capture & Sequestration R&D Center

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Bldg. E4, Korea Institute of Energy Research,152th Gajeong-r, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon, 34129, Republic of Korea
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Network Member
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Research and academic institution

KCRC, a CCS R&D institute, is an independent research foundation affiliated with the Ministry of science, ICT andFuture Planning. KCRC develops innovative technologies by carrying out the Korea CCS 2020 project. KCRC plays a pivotal role in forming CCS R&D environment with gathering all CCS research capabilities.

Develop innovative CCS technology

- Secure more than 4 types of 3rd generation core CO2 capture technology
- Demonstrate the first CO2 capture-transport-storage integration system, corresponding to around 10,000 tons of CO2 and develop core technology
- Develop more than 2 innovative technologies for CO2 conversion applicable to large CO2 emitters

Build CCS Infrastructure

- Develop CCS R&D policy & planning / Improve CCS public acceptance
- Promote commercialization of core technologies by technology transfer / Build a strong international network in the CCS field
- Build CO2 capture plant linked to a coal-fired power plant/Evaluate and develop material performance