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Climate and Energy Advisory Limited

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P.O. Box 76406-00508, Nairobi, Kenya
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Network Member
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Private sector organization
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Climate and  Energy  (C&E)  Advisory  Limited  (formerly  Camco  Clean Energy), is an environmental sustainability company providing consulting and advisory services in climate change adaptation, climate finance, natural resource management (NRM), Clean Energy Development Services, Green Growth and Urban Development. It is based in Nairobi Kenya and its vision and mission is to create innovative, resilient and sustainable solutions for communities globally through partnerships. In 2004 to 2016 it was part of Camco Clean Energy Plc United Kingdom. It has over  27 years’ experience working in Africa and promoting renewable and biomass energy technologies in Africa and managing sustainable agriculture and food security, land use and forestry projects.It’s capabilities include end to end project management, research and capacity building through training, skills enhancement, and empowering community.

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