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CENER, National Renewable Energy Centre of Spain

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C/Ciudad de la Innovacion 7, 31621 Sarriguren, SPAIN
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Network Member
Type of organisation:
Research and academic institution

Since its inception in 2002, CENER, the National Renewable Energy Centre of Spain, has aimed at a two-fold purpose: to favour the competitiveness level of companies in the renewable energy sector, satisfying their R&D needs, while at the same time, fostering the Technological and Commercial Development of Renewable Energies. Focusing on the development of technology through R&D projects, Technical Assistance, Testing Components Services, and Capacity Building, CENER provides services in the fields of Wind, Solar (both Photovoltaic and Thermal), Biomass, Energy in Buildings, and Energy Grid Integration. It collaborates effectively and efficiently with companies, institutions and official bodies in order to boost sustainable energy development at an international level, and to contribute this sector to reaching a prominent role worldwide.