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The Climate Technology Network Connects Countries With Experts Worldwide

Network Member Spotlight

30 May 2022

Country : Germany

MicroEnergy International works with financial institutions, energy product & service providers, international development actors and research institutions to set up clean energy sustainable financing schemes.

30 May 2022

Country : Republic of Korea

Green Energy Institute is a local government-affiliated research institute specializing in new and renewable energy. We promote R&D on photovoltaic, wind, tidal, and geothermal power generation as well as materials for electric car.

30 May 2022

Country : Zambia

EcoPICH conducts various studies from project planning, feasibility, construction, operation, decommissioning and monitoring stages.

30 May 2022

Country : Switzerland

Grupo Sofonias is a non-profit organization, It operates a contact office in Glarus, Switzerland, Commercial registry in Glarus, Switzerland # CH- Grupo sofonias coordinates the EcoSur – Network for an Ecological and Economical Habitat.

30 May 2022

Country : Netherlands

MetaMeta is a social enterprise. Through stakeholder mobilization, practical research, program development, implementation support, training, guideline and policy development, MetaMeta promotes better land and water management.

Network Members form a broad community of climate technology stakeholders, including academic, finance, non-government, private sector, public sector, and research entities, as well as over 150+ National Designated Entities (CTCN national focal points selected by their countries).

Network Membership provides access to a diverse global community of climate technology users, providers and financiers under the umbrella of the UNFCCC Technology Mechanism. Through its network, the CTCN mobilises policy and technical expertise to deliver technology solutions, capacity building and implementation advice to developing countries.

Network Activities

  • Technical services: Providing technical assistance funded by the CTCN in response to developing country requests (selection conducted through a competitive bidding process among Network members)
  • Information exchange: Sharing/receiving information (data, lessons learned, reports, case studies) at CTCN events and via the CTCN’s online knowledge platform
  • Capacity building: Presenting online and in-person tutorials and workshops on your fields of expertise to peers and developing country stakeholders

Current opportunities

Technical Assistance Bidding Opportunities

  Bidding opportunity Country Deadline Status
  Call for Proposals: Implementation of Water-Food-Energy nexus using digital technologies for local communities in Mozambique Mozambique 30 May 2022  Open
  Expression of Interests (EOI): Development of Green Building Standards for Zimbabwe Zimbabwe 3 June 2022  Open
  Expression of Interests (EOI): Diagnosis, optimization and redesign of the meteorological, hydrological, agrometeorological and atmospheric surveillance observational system to combat climate change in Peru Peru 3 June 2022  Open
  Expression of Interests (EOI): Developing integrated water resources management (IWRM) models for hill ecosystem in Nepal Nepal 1 April 2022  Closed
  Expression of Interests (EOI): Technology adaptation programme for farmers to minimise the impacts of climate change on coconut lands in Puttlam district in Sri Lanka Sri Lanka 1 April 2022  Closed
  Expression of Interests (EOI): Building up integrated monitoring and early warning forest fires detection system in the Borjomi - Kharagauli National Park by innovative remote sensing tools in Georgia Georgia 18 March 2022  Closed
  Expression of Interests (EOI): Designing nature-based solutions with an ethnic and gender-equity approach, to increase the resilience of rural mountain communities in protected natural areas affected by extreme weather events in Honduras. Honduras 18 March 2022  Closed
  Expression of Interests (EOI): Analysis of the current situation of the construction and demolition sector in respect of the circular economy in Mexico City, for the development of a marketplace platform for materials derived from construction and demolition waste in the city, as a scalable pilot project for Mexico. Mexico 18 March 2022  Closed
  Expression of Interests (EOI): Aquifer mapping technologies for Zambia. Zambia 18 March 2022  Closed
  Expression of Interests (EOI): Customized weather and climate information system for climate-resilient agriculture in Nepal. Nepal 18 March 2022  Closed
  Expression of Interests (EOI): Developing Institutional Framework for the Energy Efficiency Act and Regulations targeting energy intensive sector (household and industries) in Nigeria Nigeria 24 February 2022  Closed
  Expression of Interests (EOI): Promoting climate adaptation by upscaling appropriate solar irrigation technology options for smallholder farmers in Ghana through innovative financing mechanisms, a conducive policy framework for technology regulation and tailored training modules Ghana 24 February 2022  Closed
  Expression of Interests (EOI): Technical and economic feasibility of solar units and water storage on public buildings in Dominica Dominica 23 February 2022  Closed
  Expression of Interests (EOI): Technical Guidance for updating the Technology Needs Assessment (TNA) and developing a Technology Action Plan for the implementation of Côte d’Ivoire´s NDC Cote D'Ivoire 24 February 2022  Closed
  Expression of Interests (EOI): Groundwater monitoring for mapping aquifers in Belize as a tool for climate change adaptation planning Belize 24 February 2022  Closed
  Expression of Interests (EOI): Monitoring system of adaptation measures in the water sector, analysis of barriers and financial sustainability for its implementation in Peru Peru 30 November 2021  Closed
  Expression of Interests (EOI): Localization of water resources management technology to adapt to climate change in Hong-Thai Binh river basin in Viet Nam Viet Nam 29 September 2021  Closed

Events, forums and webinars

Network members can organise climate technology transfer related webinars through the CTCN platform or promote their webinars through the CTCN. Please contact for more details.

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