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Technical assistance for the establishment of a laboratory for accreditation and quality control of photovoltaic modules

Algeria has set the goal of diversifying its primary energy mix in order to take advantage of favorable
indigenous renewable energy resources; encourage involvement from national economic actors; and
support the development of domestic industrial capabilities. One of the key sources of diversification
will be from electricity generated by solar photovoltaic (PV) technologies, with significant national
growth of the national market having already begun.
To support this market growth while ensuring that investments in solar PV are well founded and that
installations will generate electricity as anticipated, the national government implemented a new
regulation that all imported or locally manufactured crystalline silicon PV modules destined for
terrestrial use must be certified in accordance to Executive Decree no. 05-465 of 2005. However,
despite these regulations, Algeria currently does not have a domestic certification body that is
capable of ensuring the control of PV modules sold on the Algerian market or used in PV plants.
CTCN technical assistance (TA)will support the Algerian Renewable Energy Development Center
(CDER by its French acronym) in developing the necessary installations and technical capacity to
contribute to the implementation of the Renewable Energies and Energy Efficiency Program (PEREE
by its French Acronym) and the scale up of renewable energy electricity generation through quality
control and reliable electricity generation of PV modules and associated technologies. This one-year
technical response includes: 1) an assessment of the status of the CDER laboratory; 2) testing and
certification laboratory setup assistance; 3) the development of solar PV module testing procedures;
4) a practically-oriented training of PV testing procedures and visit to the NREL testing laboratory;
and 5) a pilot run of the proposed Algerian PV module testing procedures.

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