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INDC of Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone's INDCs is framed in terms of desired outcomes. Through this INDC, Sierra Leone is committed to implementing specific emissions-reduction actions, such as policies or mitigation actions like advancing a feed-in tariff for renewable energy technologies, phasing out fossil fuel subsidies, or converting to no-tillage agricultural practices. As a country whose emission levels are relatively low already, Sierra Leone could not commit to a certain outcome or result - for example, reducing emissions to a specific level (a greenhouse gas outcome). The domestic situation Sierra Leone faces i.e being solely dependent on fuel imports to meet its minimum energy needs, reducing emissions further than BAU can only be achieved through country wide LEDs which the country has already adopted. It is against this backdrop, that this INDC intends to maintain the emission levels of Sierra Leone relatively Low (close to the world average of 7.58 MtCO2e) by 2035 or neutral by 2050 by reducing her carbon footprint and by following green growth pathways in all economic sectors. The INDC also includes a section on adaptation.

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