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Network of African Women Environmentalists (NAWE)

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Ecosystems Division - UN Environment Programme Block 1, South Wing, First Floor PO Box 30552 (00100) Nairobi, Kenya
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Knowledge Partner
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Regional organisation
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The Network of African Women Environmentalists (NAWE) is a peer empowerment network which connects environmental advocates working at different levels, sectors and countries to realize the future the want for their landscapes during the UN Decade of Ecosysems Restoration 2021 - 2030. The Network of African Women Environmentalists (NAWE) was founded by a dynamic group of women, looking for more effective ways to support institutional initiatives to achieve high impact outcomes on the ground. The Network is hosted by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). 

In collaboration with strategic partners such as the CTCN, NAWE hosts The Earth Science Cafe is an innovative platform that can be used to support environmentalists to prepare for Post COVID resilience strategies. It promotes inter-generational and cross sectoral dialogue, bringing science closer to society, using environmental futures scenarios, grounded in robust scientific data about particular landscapes, that monitor trends shaping the likely impact of current activities on their landscape by 2030.

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Network of African Women Environmentalists
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