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Advisory Board

The CTCN operates within its terms of reference and is accountable to, and under the guidance of, the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) Conference of the Parties (COP) through an Advisory Board. The Advisory Board of the CTCN determines its operational modalities and rules of procedure based on the functions outlined in decision 1/CP.16, paragraph 123. The Constitution of the Advisory Board was agreed and amended at COP 26.


Advisory board members

Omedi Moses Jura

Chair of Advisory Board, Kenya, Non-Annex I

Erwin Rose

Vice-Chair of the Advisory Board, United States of America, Annex I

Iniobong Abiola-Awe

Nigeria, Non-Annex I

Ichiro Sato

Japan, Annex I

Annie Prigge

Canada, Annex I

Hyuk-Chae Koo

Republic of Korea, Non-Annex 1

Pedro García Brito

Dominican Republic, Non-Annex I

Aseel Alharthi

Saudi Arabia, Non-Annex I

Pedro Borges

Venezuela, Non-Annex I

Maia Tskhvaradze

Georgia, Non-Annex I

Stephen Minas

Greece, Annex I

Sigrid Persson

Sweden, Annex I

Christofer AHLGREN

European Commission, Annex I

Jacek Trzosowski

Poland, Annex I

Mykhailo Chyzhenko

Ukraine, Annex I

Christian Lohberger

Papua New Guinea, Non-Annex I

Fred Machulu Onduri

Uganda, Non-Annex I

Rose Mwebaza

Director and Advisory Board Secretary, Climate Technology Centre & Network

Ambrosio Yobanolo Del Real

Chair of the Technology Executive Committee

Stig Svenningsen

Vice-Chair of the Technology Executive Committee

Matthias Honegger

Research and Independent Non-Governmental Organisations (RINGOs)

Ian Rivera

Environmental non-governmental organizations (ENGO)

Justin Perrettson

Business and Industry NGOs (BINGO)

Handaine Mohamed

Indigenous peoples organizations (IPO)

Anne Barre

Women & Gender Constituency (WGC)

Tambe Honourine Enow

Youth constituency (YOUNGO)

Kazem Kashefi

Adaptation Committee

Vicky Noens

Standing Committee on Finance

Emerson Resende

Green Climate Fund

Patricia Marcos Huidobro

Global Environment Facility (GEF)



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